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No doubt, Branding your business can be intimidating!

We're here to help explain just how the process goes, how easy it can be for you and just how we can help you get over any hurdles that might come your way!

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Let's build a website together:

Step Six: Publish your dream site and marvel at how many brides discover you, want you, and insist on having you play an important role in their big day!

Step Five: Drag, drop, ohh and ahh over all the pretty little details.
{That's right, Showit5 is as easy as drag and drop! Replace the image placeholders with images of your beautiful work, customize the written text to fit your business and make any other finishing touches you'd like with their easy drag and drop platform.}

Step Four: Dive into the documentation and take it step by step.
{We have compiled all kinds of support documents to help you customize your template - we'll send you access to these files in your order confirmation email or you can access them by clicking on customer login at the top of our website.}

Step Three: Move in to the Showit5 inbox
{Our share code you'll receive via digital download brings your new online home to life. You get to use everything in the Showit5 design library including the assets that go along with our template design. Remember though, the images are NOT included.}

Step Two: Sign up for your Showit5 account here
{Click on Start Free Trial in the top right hand corner. You receive a 14 day free trial at the end of our trial period or prior to launching your site you will need to upgrade to one of their paid plans. We recommend their "With Blog" plan for $24/mo.}

Step One: Fall in love with the template and make the commitment  {Click on the Buy It Now button above and you'll be taken to our Shopify store to complete your purchase.}

If you want to create a heartbreakingly beautiful website but you want it to be easy and painless, our Showit5 Web Templates are perfect for you. It’s like that genius friend who explains everything step by step, and ends up pretty much doing it all for you anyway.

good news! It doesn't just stop with pretty websites.

Check out our marketing material templates below!

Let's Make Marketing Materials Together:

Step Five: Send your stunning printed materials to press, and publish your bride-magnetizing emails immediately {That's right, once you've customized your digital templates like our email-ready pricing guide and others you can start sending them out immediately!}

Step Four: Need Prints? Marvel at how easy the ordering process is. {Visit your suite page, scroll down to the accordion pricing template section, choose your quantity and click Order Prints. You will then be directed to our Shopify store to complete your purchase. Click the upload link on your Thank You for Your Order screen to upload your .pdf files or visit here. Sit back, relax and wait for the beautiful materials to arrive.

Step Three: Move in to the Adobe program
{We walk you step by step through the template customization process with our written instructions inside our documentation section which you'll receive access to in your order confirmation email or you can access by clicking on customer login at the top of our website.}

Step Two: Fall in love with the template and make the commitment {Click on the Buy It Now button and you'll be taken to our Shopify store to complete your purchase.}

Step One: Choose your favorite Adobe Creative Program
{We have file formats available for Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements.}
Once you've decided on a program, you can purchase them here: 

If you wish you could create your own gorgeous marketing materials that turn the brand in your mind into lush, totally appealing reality, our Adobe Creative Suite templates are made for you. It’s kind of like having a graphic designer living in your computer.

Buy InDesign

Buy PHotoshop

Buy Photoshop Elements

Don't worry, we've got answers:

{Scroll down to see answers.}

I know, you've got questions:

All our sites are designed to be hosted on the Showit5 platform. They are mobile-friendly and SEO optimized with super easy drag and drop setup.

It varies. Showit5 currently offers three different plans: 
$19/mo. - Standard
$24/mo. - With Blog
$29/mo. - Advanced Blog
Our templates are recommended for use with the "With Blog" or "Advanced Blog" plans. 

Nope! Meet the beauty of the Showit5 platform, create a beautiful, interactive and animated online home without a single line of code! Instead, enjoy the easy drag and drop builder and leave the crazy backend language to the pro's at Showit!

A fully customizable, HTML5, mobile-friendly website design ready for your finishing touches on the Showit5 platform (You'll need to purchase your Showit5 subscription separately!) and matching Wordpress blog design. All graphic elements, layouts and fonts seen in the demo site. Easy to use installation documentation for adding your images and customizing your text. An exclusive invitation to join the Showiteers Facebook Group and of course access to the amazing Showit5 support team!

No you won't! Hosting for all your website goodies is included in your Showit5 account. They work with Amazon Web Services which is trusted my many on the internet!

Yes, we have designed a beautiful matching Wordpress blog template to go along with your new site! Be sure to remember to purchase the "with blog" or "advanced blog" package through Showit5 when you sign-up so that they can help you bring this portion of your website to life!

Yes, let me introduce you to just how awesome the Showit5 team is! They are going to totally take care of this for you! You should know that with the "with blog" tier they will migrate all posts, media and content. If you'd like all posts, media, content, plugins and themes migrated you will want to purchase the "advanced blog" tier. Once you've installed and customized your template and are ready to attach your domain and launch your new site, just reach out to the team at Showit and they'll get it done!
{typical timeline is: 2-5 Business Days + Propagation}

Coming soon!

Of course, here at Olivine Collective we believe each time an inquiring bride lands on your site, they should all get the same beautiful look at your work! So, we have designed our site templates with beautiful mobile versions as well! You'll be able to manage your mobile site, right alongside your desktop site in Showit5!

H1, H2, H3, Div - ever get overwhelmed with all these things that are hard to understand?! Don't worry, we've optimized the template for SEO and we will show you how to manage your SEO settings, add ALT tags to your images and other valuable SEO information within our site installation documentation!

We've got you covered. With an Olivine Collective template purchase you'll receive access to our site installation documentation files so you can find just what you need to get your site up and running! We will also be making screen videos available in the coming months if you're more of the "let me see how this is done" type!

Showit has a whole slew of support documents to help you accomplish just what you need and solve problems that might arise right here: AND you can message them from the help center, from inside your website panel, or email them - Monday-Friday – 8a-5p Arizona Time. The best thing, if you're a Showiteer and you have a site outage issue you can contact their emergency support 24/7 by logging in on their emergency support page!

Yes!! Creating brands for creative businesses is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We love doing work that makes the world a little more beautiful, and helps other creative professionals connect with the right customers. Contact us over at and we can TOTALLY create a beautiful custom brand for you and your business!

You didn't think it could get any easier, did you? It can! Showit5 takes care of it for you! From inside your Showit5 account you'll just click on Site > Site Info > Edit Custom Domain, follow the prompts and leave the rest up to the pros! 

We absolutely can! We understand as a wedding professional you have a TON of things on your to do list and sometimes our own behind the scenes biz stuff ends up on the bottom of the list, so let us take care of it for you! Find out all the details here.

Do you love the template but you want it to be even more unique to your business including custom brand fonts and colors. Maybe you offer more service sections than what we currently have in the template or have more staff? We can still take care of the setup and customization for you - find out all the details here!

You’ll need access to either Adobe InDesign, Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.
Insider info: Adobe offers free trials of all their programs here. If you want to get it but you don’t know if you want to keep it, you can lease the program with a monthly access fee here.
If you would rather not purchase the program, Olivine Collective can do the customization for you.
Find out the details here.

It depends which program you're interested in. Adobe Photoshop is available for as low as $9.99/per month here, Adobe InDesign is available for as low as $19.99/per month here or you can get Adobe Photoshop Elements for a one time fee of $99.99 here

You receive an editable Adobe document for your chosen program that includes all layouts and graphic elements, information on and instructions for purchasing font license(s) {where applicable - average cost between $15 & $20} and step-by-step customization instructions. We also have video screen recordings available if you're more of the "let me see how this is done" type!

Got too much on that to-do list to prepare for your client's big day? We understand! Let us take some pressure off and get your beautiful marketing templates all set and ready to wow your inquiring brides! Find out all the details here!

If you don’t want to deal with getting the Adobe program, we can do that part for you. Just upload your images via Dropbox, and send us your text in a Google doc. We’ll plop it into the template and you’ll be good to go, for an additional $70 fee. Get all the details here.

You didn't think we'd leave your new marketing love unrequited did you?!
Revisit your suite page and order your prints through us!

setup, installation & customization

get all the details


Get all the details


Get all the details


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Once you've fallen in love with the template, we've created step-by-step processes and great documentation for finishing things up and getting them into the world. You can totally do it yourself, or request additional consulting services we offer:

Maybe you don’t have time. Maybe you’re not the type to geek out over a website setup. Maybe you just want someone to back you up. No problem. We can take care of the setup and the installation for an additional $1,000 fee.
We’ll load the pre-designed template to your Showit5 account for you, using the share code. We’ll place the images you upload to Dropbox in the template, and fit the copy you provide into the text sections of your website. We’ll contact Showit5 to setup your blog, and get you all comfy and cozy in your new online home. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to launch!

Here's what our client's are saying about their installation: 
"Alyssa of Alyssa Joy & Co. just created the MOST BEAUTIFUL website I have ever laid eyes, I just can't believe it's for our company (@purelavishevents) we are all SO EXCITED and proud to send potential couples to our site. Not only is it absolutely perfect, but Alyssa was/is the most patient and helpful designer. She has been my support throughout launching the website. She gets back to you within the day, doesn't get frustrated with a million questions and really takes time to listen! I can't say enough good things about the Olivine Collective & Alyssa Joy & Co. Thank you for making my website dreams come true!!!"

Installation timeline: Apprx. 2 weeks

Let's get your beautiful online home up and running in no time, reach out to us today!

contact us

If you envision customized fonts, layout changes, additional sections—it’s all doable. In fact, it’s what we love to do. Just contact us and we’ll work with you to determine what you want, and provide a quote for the additional work.

Installation timeline: Apprx. 3 weeks

Let's get your beautiful online home up and running in no time, reach out to us today!

contact us

If you don’t want to deal with getting an Adobe program, or maybe you're just too busy and don't have the time to create the beautiful marketing materials your business needs - we can do that part for you. Just upload your images via Dropbox, and send us your text in a Google doc. We’ll plop it into the template and you’ll be good to go, for an additional $70 fee.

Installation timeline: Apprx. 7 Business Days

Let us help you build a better brand, reach out to us today!

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